Friday, April 23, 2010

The Fascination With Flamingos

Flamingo Earrings and Bubble Bath Lampwork Bracelet
Nearly everyone knows what flamingos look like ---pink birds with long legs. You can see them at just about every zoo. You can find them in storybooks. Alice uses flamingos as croquet mallets in Through the Looking Glass (by Lewis Carroll). Images of flamingos, standing under palm trees, appear in paperweights and snow globes. Plastic flamingos make colorful lawn ornaments!! But did you know that some flamingos live high up in the Andes Mountains of South America? Flamingos can swim, and flamingos can fly. Ornithologists (scientists who sturdy birds) spent many years arguing whether flamingos are more like ducks, or more like storks, until they decided that flamingos belong in a group by themselves. There are 5 species of flamingos that occur throughout the world. The greater flamingo is as tall as a grown-up person is. The lesser flamingo is as tall as a first-grader. Bet you didn't know that!!
Come and take a gander (oop's! that's a male goose) at our cute Flamingo Bubble Bath Bracelet above at Handmade Jewelry Haven's Etsy Store Here.

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  2. Lisa, I love your Flamingo jewelry! I've always had a fascination with flamingos ever since my trips to the zoo as a child. These are way cute!

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