Monday, January 9, 2017

The Ocean's Emotions - White Sea Glass

Color has always played an important role in my life. Just like the style of the clothing you put on each day, color selection can have a big impact on others as well as yourself.

People pick out jewelry seemingly on a whim, however, studies suggest that there are deep emotional triggers that can cause us to pick out one colored stone over another.

Frosted or white Seaglass is the most commonly found color of the Seaglass family.

White is usually associated with new beginnings. It can bring a sense of cleanliness, and freshness.It lends an air of classiness and refinement. It is purity and goodness and light. It is also thought of as heavenly and lighter than air. White is considered a positive color and is associated with peacefulness.

I personally wear a lot of white. I find it professional at work and also find it easier to clean.
Wire Wrapped Seaglass, White Seaglass, Handmade Jewelry
How does white make you feel?

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  1. That white sea glass is so beautiful. White always makes me think of purity and freshly fallen snow.

    1. It is the only color (besides one brown piece and a tiny emerald piece) that I have come across in Ft Lauderdale. I have been meaning to check out the beaches around your neck of the woods the next time I visit my brother in Jensen Beach. Let me know if you hear of any good glassing beaches!

  2. Wow, it's so beautful! I like white too, in clothing and jewelry and I like all colors. Like the play with colors in my clothing every day, as my mood is... White is the color of happiness and the color of grief (in India and other cultures).
    Never seen such beautiful seaglass before.

  3. Wow these White Sea Glass are so beautiful, I want to appreciate you for sharing as this article is very interesting :)