Monday, April 3, 2017

12 Weeks Of Letter Writing Challenge - Week 10

Today's post is participating in the 12 Weeks Of Letter Writing Challenge that I was invited to by Mrs. Dash Say' here.

This weeks letter is to my teenage self.

Dear Lizard (as that is what your nick name was in account of that super ugly two toned green unitard you decided to wear to a gym one day),

Here is some advice from your future self.

1. Don't wear that unitard. It was ugly.
2. Don't fall in love with that douchbag Danny Rodriguez. He will break your heart.
3. Do better in school. Good grades are important.
4. Do get involved with extra curricular activities in school.
5. Wear Suncreen when you are at the beach. You are prone to skin cancers.
6. Help your mom more. She is really not as strong as she seems.
7. Keep having fun, you have that handled.

To see some of the beautiful beach inspired jewelry that I make now while wearing sunscreen, visit Handmade Jewelry Haven's Etsy page here.

I love to read comments so please, leave one here! I will visit your blog (if you have one) and love to comment too!
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  1. That is a very cute letter to yourself :-)
    Thank you for participating