Monday, August 20, 2018

Fishing Floats made of glass??!!

I have to tell you that one of my all time favorite things EVER are Japanese Glass Fishing floats. If you've ever been to one of those old timey, kitschy, seafood restaurants, you've surely seen them either hanging from the walls or decorating some lonely corner. 
My best friend Kathys dad was a boat captain (like my dad), but their house was always decorated with everything nautical, and I loved it!

They were once used by fishermen in many parts of the world to
keep their fishing nets, as well as longlines or droplines afloat. 
Large groups of fishnets were strung together, sometimes up to 50 miles long, and were set adrift in the ocean and supported near the surface by hollow glass balls or cylinders containing air to give them buoyancy. These glass floats are no longer used by fishermen, but many of them are still afloat in the world's oceans, primarily the Pacific. They have become a popular collectors' item for beachcombers and decorators.

Surprisingly it was a Norwegian, Christopher Faye, that was credited for the invention in 1840. The Japanese started using them around 1910. Today, most of the remaining glass floats originated in Japan because it had a large deep sea fishing industry which made extensive use of the floats. 
Today most are replicas that are used in nautical or coastal
interiors, however, if you are lucky, you can still find one on a pacific beach!

Fishing Float Earrings

You can always pick up a pair at Handmade Jewelry Haven to dangle from your earlobes!
I make these using the glass ball found inside Japanese soda bottles, also known as a Codd Neck bottle!

source: Wikipedia

Feeling adventurous? I have a free download on how you can make your own Japanese Fishing Float!

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  1. I love your earring take on the fishing floats. Very cute :-)

    1. Thanks! Have you found many (any) of these on your travels?

  2. Wow that is good use of the glass balls in soda bottles.
    Happy WW!

    1. I love Japanese Soda. I am gathering quite a collection :)

      - Lisa

  3. Queda precioso en lámparas! Feliz #MM Happy #WW!!

  4. I know a person who did at one time collect glass balls.
    Coffee is on

    1. They are great to decorate with.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      - Lisa