Monday, February 27, 2017

12 Weeks Of Letter Writing Challenge - Week 5

Today's post is participating in the 12 Weeks Of Letter Writing Challenge that I was invited to by Mrs. Dash Say' here.

This weeks letter is to someone who has hurt me.

I was tired of always sitting at home alone on Saturday nights. My friends were all on dates with their boyfriends, and the ones that weren't had invited me over to spend time with them.
But I never did. I didn't because I always was hoping that you would call me so we could go out. But you didn't. You would call me the next day, or maybe I wouldn't see you until Monday, in school, where the excuse was always the same. You stayed home because you were sick, or your friend Mike came over and you spent time with him, or your father asked you to do something with him. 
When one of our favorite bands was in town for a concert, you always had an excuse on why you couldn't take me....and then the next day you always had a tale on how your friends and you 'hopped the fence' to get in. Always without me.
Well. I was tired of waiting. 
This time when the band came, I asked you once if you would take me. When I got another excuse, I went instead with my friends. It was a great concert. We all had such a good time, laughing and enjoying being there.
When we ran into one another during a break, you shoved me in the shoulder and gave me the middle finger and walked away. 
You broke my heart again and all I could do was cry and cry.

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  1. What an unpleasant young man! Time to move on methinks! You may of noiticed my absence from the letter writing thing this week! I wrote so many other stories over the weekend that my muse got fed up and went on strike!

    1. LOL!I did notice!!
      Rule 1 that the aforementioned young man did not follow...
      Muse's come first!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      - Lisa

  2. I know that feeling. And I hate myself that I gave someone that oppurtunity to hurt me.
    But, then it was a lesson learnt.
    Thanks for sharing :-)