Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Day - When Did All This Gift Giving Begin, Anyway?!!

Everyone is aware of the religious aspect of Valentines day but it was not until the 14th century that this Christian feast day became definitively associated with love. According to UCLA medieval scholar Henry Ansgar Kelly, author of Chaucer and the Cult of Saint Valentine, it was Chaucer who first linked St. Valentine's Day with romance.

In 1381, Chaucer composed a poem in honor of the engagement between England's Richard II and Anne of Bohemia. As was the poetic tradition, Chaucer associated the occasion with a feast day. In "The Parliament of Fowls," the royal engagement, the mating season of birds, and St. Valentine's Day are linked:

'For this was on St. Valentine's Day, 
When every fowl cometh there to choose his mate.'

Over the centuries, the holiday evolved, and by the 18th century, gift-giving and exchanging handmade cards on Valentine's Day had become common in England. Hand-made valentine cards made of lace, ribbons, and featuring cupids and hearts eventually spread to the American colonies. The tradition of Valentine's cards did not become widespread in the United States, however, until the 1850s, when Esther A. Howland, a Mount Holyoke graduate and native of Worcester, Mass., began mass-producing them. 

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  1. This post reminds me of how much fun it was to make valentine's cards in school out of macaroni, lace, construction paper etc and then bring them home to my mom.

    1. Oh my gosh yes! I still have a macaroni necklace that Bella made me in pre-school! LOL!!
      - Lisa