Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Beading To Relax

One of the reasons I love making jewelry so much is that it is relaxing. Especially doing kumihimo as it is so time consuming and repetitive. I get a design in my head, usually after several nights mulling this idea or that idea over and over before drifting off to sleep. Then I pick a night, gather my supplies, measure and cut the thread, loop it in half, tie it off, then string it onto the loom. I then do a few rounds without the beads, just to give me an end to be able to glue into an end cap. I then take the rest of the night, maybe two, to string all eight cords with the required amount of beads, around 120-130 per cord. I then start
Copper Wrapped Seaglass Pendant
weaving on the loom with the beads. It is very repetitive and you just start to go through the motions and your mind just starts to wander. Pretty soon you have a few inches on and it is starting to look beautiful! Then you just keep going until after a few hours, it is done! I am currently working on a Kumihimo Necklace to go with a beautiful copper wire wrapped piece of seaglass that I got from my cousin in New Jersey.  

I love that meditative state that you get in when doing something over and over. Your muscles start to relax and you just go with it. This week it has come in particularily handy as I have been having a rather 'trying' time lately.

To see some of my Kumihimo designs, come visit Handmade Jewelry Haven's Etsy Page here.

What do you like to do to relax?

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  1. If I substitute words for beads, this descibes perfectly the way I write! Delightful.