Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sea Glassing in New Jersey

Oh wow. It has been over a MONTH since I have posted! I bet you all thought that I got sucked into that famous north east under tow! 
Well, I didn't. I got sucked into 'life'.
Those of you who have experienced it will understand. The rest.....well........

Let me start with the trip. It was AMAZING!! You just cannot find seaglass in Florida like you can from up north. Hands down. Up north glassing has it covered.
You could live an entire lifetime in Florida and not find the treasures that you find up north!

The boys dropped Bella and I off in Bay Head and we hit the gate running. Bella found piece after glorius piece within 15 minutes. Our time was limited, so we called it a day after about an hour between the jettys.

Our next foray was at the beach at Spring Lake, and although that is a beautiful spot, we were not as lucky as we were in Bay Head. 

After visiting the Twin Lights, we headed over to the Coast Guard base at Sandy Hook. The Bay Side yielded the most interesting pieces, however, not what a 'seasoned glasser' would consider a 'finished' piece. Christian, my 15 year old, surprisingly, really got into this section finding my first violet seaglass.

After that we went to the ocean side and the three of us split up and scoured the mostly empty beach (the boy was done at this point and decided to wait in the car).
We ended up meeting the most pleasant woman named Pam (you can see her beautiful posts at @pammybaby2 on Instagram), who glassed this beach weekly and thought nothing to give us her entire haul for the day! Only up north will you find such generosity! I have said it before and I will say it again, New Jersey peeps RULE!!

The one not so great thing about our visit was that we did not get to visit Glass Bottle Beach at Dead Horse Bay.  Due to other constraints, we could not fit this in on the day we had allotted for it. So...there is always..'next time'.

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