Saturday, October 14, 2017

What Role Jewelry Plays In Our Lives - In A Nutshell

So I was listening to a Podcast the other day (I've all but given up radio for podcasts - wonder if that is an 'old person' thing) and Donald Miller the creator of Story Brand was talking about a study that was done on Human Basic Needs. The reason this study was done was to relay information to businesses on why their products matter to clients. It was based on the Maslow Hierarchy Of Needs Pyramid which you were probably taught if you've ever set a foot in school and I am certainly not going to bore you with here, but, in a nutshell, this is why Jewelry is important in your life.
One of our basic needs, that stems back to when humans were cavemen (and women), was to increase our social standing. To increase our social standing allowed us to attract friends, which frequently would locate themselves close to you. As we all know there is 'safety in numbers' and we would want to increase our 'tribe' in order to fend of marauders. Becoming attractive to others was one way to achieve this and one way to do this was through 'fashion'. Fashion was born out of a necessity to attract others to bond with for safety.

Jewelry was one such item that was made to increase that attractiveness. Frequently it was also used as 'currency' in a bartering system. Hunters and explorers would come across new tribes, who's women might be adorned with different, sometimes exotic, jewelry and trades would be made in exchange for food and supplies. As time passed and tribes grew into towns and eventually cities, these Jewelry makers would settle and people would travel from far and wide to obtain the beautiful and unique wares that each maker would produce. that we have talked about what role fashion played in the history of man, you are probably wondering how this relates today...and the answer is simple. Psychologically, people buy jewelry to attract friends, or possible mates, to increase their 'tribe' in the possible event of marauders coming over the hill of their cul de sac. Seriously. That is it in a nutshell! 

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  1. Interesting to think about the history behind jewelry. Makes you think a bit differently about it. Thanks for sharing!