Monday, March 13, 2017

12 Weeks Of Letter Writing Challenge - Week 7

Today's post is participating in the 12 Weeks Of Letter Writing Challenge that I was invited to by Mrs. Dash Say' here.

This weeks letter is to my favorite teacher.

Dear Mr Blackmon,

In the 35 years since I was in your class, I have thought of you often. With your small, wirey frame and thinning hair, your collared dress shirts that the sleeves were just a bit too long and your dress pants just a tad too baggy. And that scraggly, half trimmed beard! 
Anyone would not have given you a second look in the street. But I think of you often.

As for myself, I was a skinny, pimply faced teen who hadn't found her looks yet. My hair was often unkempt, my clothes never matched as I had NO sense of fashion. I just barely scraped by each year with 'just passing' grades. No...I was no one to judge. I hated school and it hated me back! 
From the very begining, being a small girl, always getting pushed around in grade school, I had learned to keep my head down, my eyes averted and my mouth shut. Not very productive behaviour for a student. 
But then their was your 10th grade American History class. God I dreaded it. As I walked in and sized you up, I thought that this could possibly be the most boring class yet.
But I was sadly mistaken.
From the very begining when you started your lectures on the American Indians, you would tell the most descriptive tales on exactly what the procedure was for scalping someone properly. Not omitting one grusome detail. I was hooked. I would show up on time to get a desk up front. I started to ACE tests for the first time. Truely this was the first class that I pulled first a 'B' then up to an 'A' that was not Art or Music. 
You taught me that teachers didn't have to read verbatum out of a text book. You taught me that sometimes, it IS better to color outside of the box. You taught me to experiment with things that I would normally not have strayed outside of my safe zone to do. In many ways you taught me how to live. You will never know how I grew into an adventurous young lady that never said the word 'No' again. In fact, that I would eliminate that word out of my vocabulary.
Someday, I would love to get the chance to thank you in person, however I think sadly that it will never happen. So I will do it here. Thank You Mr Blackmon for being the BEST TEACHER EVER!

Post Log: As an afterthought, I decided to Google you and there you were on LinkedIn! Your hair is now mostly gone, but you still have your beard, and you are still involved in the learning system! Good for you Mr Blackmon. Maybe I will send you a link to this post and get to say, 'thank you', after all.

I love to read comments so please, leave one here! I eventually WILL visit your blog (if you have one) and love to comment too!

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  1. He clearly not only made school bearable, but he had a huge influence on your life and who you are today. Delightful.

    1. This is very true. He is one of '3' teachers that I remember clearly in Jr High and High school.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

      - Lisa

  2. That is such a lovely dedication to your teacher.
    Thanks for participating