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How Jewelry Trends have evolved over the past 100 years

So I was reading an article on how the internet has evolved and has subsequently changed the way we do business and it got me thinking on how Jewelry has evolved over the years.

From sparkling Hollywood glamour in the 1930's to punk rock chokers in the 1990's, here is a look at how jewelry trends have evolved over the past 100 years.

While jewelry is often an expression of an individual's personality and unique sense of style, trends still heavily influence what women (and men) choose to wear. 

Whether it was diamond encrusted pieces in the 1940's or bohemian styles in the 1970's, style icons have always inspired women to wear specific kinds of looks and materials.


Filled with all kinds of creative arts, music and films, the 1910's were all about 'Art Nouveau' when it came to jewelry. 

Stars at this time like Ruth Clifford, were all about diamonds, sapphires and accenting their looks with platinum beads. 

Peacock feathers were also all the rage, along with white on white color schemes, long necklaces with tassels at the end and pieces inspired by leaves.

The style during this period was a reflection of the industrial boom and designers 'sought a more naturalistic aesthetic.'


The 1920's were all about Art Deco - an array of often contradictory geometric styles that oozed glamour, luxury and wealth. 

And while the architectural style was represented through decorative interiors, household objects, cinema and building designs, women also reflected the trend through their jewelry. 

The post World War I economic boom saw women spending more money than ever on jewelry, with 'flapper girl' style looks including sapphires, emeralds, pearls and diamonds, white gold and geometric pendants. 

A-listers and designers of the time like Coco Chanel would often be seen wearing costume jewelry, jeweled head wear, stacked bracelets and layered necklaces. 


Hollywood glamour reached a new peak in the 1930's, with stars of the time like Joan Crawford donning bold, vibrant pieces. 

Highly polished golds were popular along with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emerald cut stones. 

Three dimensional styles were also increasing in popularity and dress clips became 'sought after.'


Whether it was simple ribbons and bows or diamond encrusted statement pieces, women in the 1940's were all about elegance, glamour and, of course, diamonds. 

Marilyn Monroe's Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend inspired many women to spend big on the precious stone while others opted for brooches and wide, gold bracelets.

Earrings during this period were worn high on the lobe and gold was the metal of choice. 

Celebrities like Bette Davis were often seen high polished pieces and over sized dress clips.


The 1950's were all about 'Ultra-Feminine' Glamour. 

Women and celebrities of the time, like Jayne Mansfield, enjoyed lavish styles that complemented a more 'simple and classic' fashion period. 

There was still an emphasis on diamonds however women also donned full ensemble pieces, dramatic and extravagant designs, light and textural looks that 'contrasted with the polished look of the 40s' and brooches. 

Platinum was often worn with diamonds and copper also started to become popular. 


This was a time of practicality. 

Female A-listers of this time, like Elizabeth Taylor, were into plastic jewelry, milk glass, bright colors, layered necklaces often made from beads and floral motifs. 

Other trends included princess cuts, non precious materials, cocktail rings, bohemian styles, handcrafted pieces and lightweight creations. 

Jackie Kennedy heavily influenced trends during this period. 


Women in the 1970's loved to use jewelry to make bold statements and weren't worried about being too flamboyant or vibrant with their choices. 

Plastic was used regularly to create elaborate pieces and celebrities during this time, like Karen Valentine and Elizabeth Ashley would wear mixed materials, a lot of gold, beaded jewelry, large golden earrings and diamante jewelry. 

Colored quartz, coral and international styles inspired by cultural influences also became popular during this period. 


Everything in the 1980's was big. 

Women during this time were all about big hair, defiant 'punk rock styles' and mixing and matching their jewelry to make bold statements. 

Stars during this time, like Heather Locklear, would step out in faux pearls, over sized necklaces and earrings, brooches, gold and lighter cheaper materials.

Mixing and matching jewelry was a trend exemplified by Princess Diana who wore a choker as a headband. 


While this was known as a more 'fun and feisty' period, the punk rock choker styles reached a peak during this time. 

A-listers of the time, like Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears would also arrive at awards shows in body jewelry, tasteful silver pieces, plastic creations and subdued colors inspired by alternative rock music. 

David Beckham also inspired men to embrace male jewelry like necklaces and engagement rings. 


Women in the 2000's enjoyed bold jewelry including large hoop earrings, layered chain necklaces, personalized jewelry and chokers, which remained popular. 

Celebrities during this time, like Megan Fox, would wear diamonds, rhinestones, cuffs, plastics and wood - many of them rocking a 'Boho-chic' look. 

Hip hop music heavily influenced jewelry trends and stars like Victoria Beckham and Liz Hurley showcased pieces inspired by Africa and the Middle East. 


Current jewelry trends are diverse and nonrestrictive.

Celebrities are becoming increasingly innovative and experimental with their looks and often wear bold embellishments, platinum, colored gem stones and bright gem stones, such as surfer Vanina Walsh layering seaglass bracelets.
sources: The Daily Mail, Bella Beach Jewels

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